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About Style & Spa of Peace

Theresa Doby

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Beauty glows from within and taking care of ourselves is what energizes that inner-beauty to burn brighter. Like you, I try to eat right, exercise, manage stress and take vitamins… But what I couldn’t find were products to nurture my skin – from my face to the soles of my feet.

After trying just about everything on the market, I had an epiphany: I want to make a difference for women like me who want all-natural, elegant products that help stimulate fresh, special beauty. After three years in development and testing each product personally, I’m pleased to share with you Style & Spa, a complete skincare supplement that refreshes, refines and reinvigorates. Everything in our Serenity Spa, Serenity Vitamin Skincare and Serenity Holistic lines are non-comedogenic and will not clog pores.

I invite you to experience how these superb products work together to awaken your skin, awaken your senses and awaken you to peace.

Theresa Doby
Founder & President

About the Founder
Theresa has over 13 years of experience in the beauty industry. With a Masterís Degree in Public Health and a Advanced Degree in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute, she worked for a top beauty company for over a decade before developing a line of products designed to revitalize your skin and invigorate your soul. Her inspiration in creating Style & Spa is you. She wants you to have access to the best all-natural skin supplements in the market that help expose your inner-beauty.

About Style & Spa
It is our mission to deliver skin care products that include natural ingredients and beauty products that improve your skin, enhance your definition of beauty and help you confidently express what makes you so unique in this world. We work with each customer individually to help choose the best products for your particular needs at a price you can afford. All our products are hypo-allergenic, will not clog pores and were researched, developed and tested personally by Theresa Doby, our president. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and we each are committed to serving you in a professional, encouraging, and caring manner.

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